6 Reasons To Deliver "Ready-to-Hang" Wall Art

6 Reasons To Deliver "Ready-to-Hang" Wall Art

Posted by Jonathan Penney on 6th Aug 2016

It's not easy being a professional photographer these days; digital technology and high quality cell phones has turned everyone into a "photographer"... and appreciation of the printed image and tangible art seems at an all-time low. Here are some thoughts on providing "ready-to-hang" personalized photographic art that can grace the walls of your customers homes for generations to come.

Here are 6 reasons for making "ready-to-hang" wall art part of your offerings:

1) Supplies a valuable service to your customers by providing convenient full service from image capture to personalized fine art for their home.

2) Keeps you in control of the artistic process. You have spent years honing your craft to deliver fabulous images and you will want to be sure that they are displayed to their best advantage for you as the artist and for your customer.

3) Well-selected matting and framing adds the extra "wow" factor that helps make customers "brand ambassadors" for your fine art photography.

4) Offering a "Fine Art Line" helps set you apart from the competition. Providing the final product as a "ready-to-hang" piece would be expected in such a premium product offering.

5) These days, it is important to provide distinctive products and services that customers cannot easily source and purchase for themselves. Delivering matted/framed photographic art helps the consumer appreciate the value of hiring a professional.

6) Matting/framing can add extra profit margin. By working with a vendor that can supply full services that include bundled editing, printmaking, matting and framing, you can simplify the process. Limiting your offerings to only 3 or 4 well-selected presentations will streamline client decisions.

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Find out more about convenient "print-mat-frame" packages, including premium edits:

The Jonathan Penney Collection features mat/frame combinations selected by Jonathan to meet the needs of portrait/wedding photogs.

The Cate Scaglione Collection showcases tasteful selections by photographer Cate Scaglione, specifically for boudoir and glamour imagery.

The Tim Kelly Collection provides classic museum-style framed presentations suited to Black & White photography.

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